Fostering the Future: Meet the Lightfoot family


“Adoption had always been on our hearts but we always thought we’d have biological children first the we would adopt but biological children weren’t happening for us and we really started to feel convicted to put our time and our energy into adoption instead of fertility,” Amy Lightfoot said.

Will and Amy Lightfoot started their foster and adoption licensing process a couple of years ago. The couple says as soon as they got their license, they started getting calls and texts about children who needed help. Their first foster child was a young boy from the Concho Valley. The couple got a call then, the boy was with them shortly after.

“Like 48 hours later we were parents for the first time and went and bought a crib and everything a child would need and instead of having 9 months to do it we had less than two days,” Will Lightfoot said.

That boy was eventually reunited with his mother, but they all meet up to visit often. Then, Liam came along.

“The term that they had used was a baby Moses and we didn’t know what that meant yet…we thought his name was Moses. But it’s actually a term that’s used in CPS for babies who are left at hospitals or fire stations by parents who aren’t able to take care of them,” Will said.

After fostering Liam for six months, they were able to adopt him. They both say the process had been great overall but there are a few things you may miss out on like, the nine months of waiting and prepping, plus baby showers or other sentimental gatherings. However, Amy says, there’s more to it than those things.

“At the end of the day that’s not what parenting is about anyway. But we have had an amazing journey,” Amy said.

For those wondering if this is the right path for you, Will has this advice.

“If you’re not feeling convicted, have peace. Maybe God has something else for you. But for those of you who really think that your heart might be ready for, definitely move forward. You will not regret it, you will be blessed every day,” Will said.

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