Former Drug Addict Shares Her Story to Help Detox Center


For the first time the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley hosted the Spring Luncheon. Cathey Brown, a guest speaker at ADACCV’s Spring Luncheon, has seen drug and alcohol addiction recovery from both sides. As an addict and now as someone who leads prevention programs.

Her difficult journey started with post-partum depression.

“It was just kind of like a dark pit, that I just started to get into. The more I wanted out, the worse I felt and the more I drank and used. And that just sets up a cycle,”  says Cathey Brown, the “Rainbow Days” Founder & CEO. 

She’s thankful she did recover. Cathey Brown says “We don’t like the feelings that we have, we want to mask our feeling,  Learning how to do that in healthy ways, that’s why it’s important to teach this to kids. Learning how to do that in healthy ways, we’re less likely to come to the false promises that alcohol and drugs make.” 

Now she’s making an impact on kids. Brown founded the non-profit called… “Rainbow Days,” which has prevention programs for school aged kids.

Cathey Brown says “Seeing it implemented in places like San Angelo, it’s so heartwarming. In some ways, it has come full circle.” 

She says ADACCV’s new “Journey Recovery Center” will benefit everyone.

“It’s going to provide detox that’s desperately needed in this area . Because alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that kills. It’s a disease that impacts the whole family, impacts our whole community, or whole country,” she says.

 It may be empty now but this lot will soon help dozens recover from drug addiction. The $6 million project will be built off Highway 277. Construction for the long-awaited project is scheduled to start in Fall.

Eric Sanchez the ADACCV CEO  says “It feels wonderful, to have this accomplished for us. We’ve been working on this since I’ve been with ADACCV for the last 16 years.”

During the luncheon at Stephens Central Library, there was also a silent auction.  About $5 million has been raised for the center in the past years. One million dollars is still needed to reach the $6 million goal.

The center is expected to open by the end of 2018.


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