Food truck industry in the Concho Valley part 1


For four years a family-owned business in Eden has called a parking lot located on the 300 block of South Main Street its home.

“It was rough and at times we didn’t think we were gonna make it,” says Burrito Lady owner Cindy Gonzalez.”

The Burrito Lady food truck business started after a conversation the owner–Cindy Gonzalez–had with a nurse.

It was a random conversation, that ultimately brought up the idea of making and selling burritos to the community.

“I went home to tell my husband guess what we’re going to be doing! He said it wasn’t gonna work but I said let’s give it a shot and see where it goes,” she explains. “And here we are 4 years later.”

Gonzalez says her mom opened up a restaurant in Sonora years ago–so having her own food truck open for so long is a dream come true.

“It just goes to show do not give up on your dream because it’s right around the corner.”

The Burrito Lady in Eden closes early in the afternoon–meanwhile in San Angelo, another food truck company–Daddy’s Food Truck–is serving the evening crowd.

“I mean at first I started with 3 items on the menu and open only on weekends,” says David Jasso–the owner of Daddy’s Food Truck. “Now I only have on day where we’re closed.”

Jasso says 3 years ago he decided to run a food truck in San Angelo.

His father passed away four years ago. Jasso named the food truck in his memory and a reminder of the days he and his father would eat at food trucks in cities like Austin and San Antonio.

“I mean I know he’s proud. He’s with me all the time he’s my guardian angel. I know he’s happy,” says Jasso.

At this time the burrito lady is setting up an indoor dining area while Daddy’s Food Truck is looking to make use of a new mobile truck in the near future.

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