SAN ANGELO, Texas- Mother’s day is coming up and business is blooming but will San Angelo flower shops be able to keep up with demand.

Due to pandemic related supply chain challenges, labor shortages, and poor weather conditions in major growing areas, there’s been a global shortage of fresh flowers leaving florist shops like Pam’s Petals in a bind.

“There is a big shortage in certain stems,” said Pamela Bump, owners of Pam’s Petals, Florists and Gifts.

She tells us that on a holiday weekend like mother’s day even her online orders through corporate websites have become a struggle to fulfill.

“On a busy weekend such as mothers day, when customers order online, its hard because they’re selling stuff that we don’t even have access to. So then we try to get everybody to do subs because we are in a pandemic and we do have a shortage on flowers,” Bump added.

Limited stock and inflation has also now raised the price of flower bundles. In parts of South America, growers are dealing with unusually cold weather delaying exportation and because of that Bump has turned to local growers.

“There is a lady that grows the larkspur and the queen ansleis. I’ve been buying from her because I mean those are good quality flowers,” said Bump.

While that solves one problem delivery drivers have become another this year.

“My husband helps when he’s off and there’s a shortage in delivery people. There are other florists that are looking for delivery drivers too and nobody can find them this year. I don’t know what is going on,” said Bump.

Despite the challenges pam ensures that every mother will get a beautiful bouquet this year one way or another.