Rosendo “Rosey” Velez was a Captain with the New York Critical Response Medical Services when the September 11th terrorist attacks happened.

On that day in 2001, after just getting off from the night shift, he went to pick up his youngest daughter for breakfast. That’s when he found out about the attacks. Now, with his health declining and after the loss of many friends and colleagues, he shares his story.

Velez says his health has been an ongoing issue despite the latest efforts to help first responders.

As for his mental health, Velez says that by helping others, he helped himself. He is a Reverend who specializes in helping first responders deal with the trauma that comes from terrorist attacks and other similar events.

Velez said he needs assistance with several tasks around his home. If you would like to volunteer to help Velez and his family, you can contact KLST/KSAN at 325-949-8800.