“First Man” author watches movie with ASU students for 50th annversary of Apollo 11


Fifty years ago, the first man, Neil Armstrong, landed on the moon in the Apollo 11 mission.

CBS Director of Special Events during Apollo Missions, Joel Banow, says, “you know in space, once that rocket goes up, it becomes a radio story…In the Broadcast center at CBS…Studio 41…It was huge.”

CBS officials during the Apollo missions came to Angelo State University to share their story broadcasting such a historic moment.

CBS Associate Producer During Apollo Missions, James O’Brien, says, “in terms of coverage, there’s nobody that didn’t want to cover it.”

O’Brien says that NASA and Cape Kennedy are now restricted, but space historians say this one event is one that is worth writing about.

Space Historian, Francis French, says, “we live in a very particular time, which is four years from 1968-72, which is half a century ago now, where people went to the moon and never been back soon.”

Dr. Hansen, the author and co-producer of “First Man”, came to the movies to do a book signing for ASU Students as well as go see the movie with them.

Author and Co-Producer of “First Man,” James Hansen, says, “I wanted first of all them to know, who this person was, not just as an iconic figure that was mentioned in the textbook. He was real person, and in a lot of ways he was an ordinary person.”

Neil Armstrong turned many writers down to write his biography, but 16 years ago, he agreed to sign Dr. Hansen on the job. Dr. Hansen says this one moment transformed the media.

“When Neil Armstrong stepped off of the ladder and said ‘just one small step…’ I mean the whole world was watching that. It was a global event,” says Hansen.

Although some may not have thought that the technology back in the 60s was that reliable… 

“Graphics and simulations and so forth, were very, very simplistic,” says Banow.

Banow and his team made it work back then, as well as Dr. Hansen re-created the picture half a century later, hoping to add a different element to space films by incorporating a back story.

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