First African-American Church in San Angelo is in Danger of Seeing its Last Days.


San Angelo’s first African-American church is in danger of being on its last legs as it’s in need of repairs in a number of areas. Church members used to perform the repairs until–as Robert Butler says–their age started preventing them from doing so.

There’s 5 congregates of the church remaining at the moment who still visit the church every now and then for fellowship service.

Robert Butler is attempting to revive this once packed and lively African American church–which began its legacy thanks to Reverend J.W. Walker–an enlisted soldier at Fort Concho in 1883.

The roof of the church and windows are busted, which was increased exponentially by a destructive storm which hit San Angelo in late June of this year.

Butler says the history of the St. Paul Presbyterian AME spans generations and is listed as a historic site as of 1988 by the US Department of Interior.

During its anniversary celebration in 1997, then Governor George Bush and City Mayor Johnny Fender sent congratulatory statements to the pastor of the church at that time.

A program from the event also had a statement from San Angelo’s former Police Chief Russell Smith, which says the church “is a historical landmark and is a special place within our city.”

Butler says he would love nothing more than to bring his church back to life, saying “I’m gonna try to do the best I can to try to keep it goin.'”

If you’d like to help out Robert Butler’s efforts you can call him at 325-245-8191 or you can send a donation at P.O. Box 3120, San Angelo, Texas 76902

The church is located at 217 West 3rd Street in San Angelo.

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