SAN ANGELO, Texas- Potholes are a nuisance on many roads due to weather or wear and tear, and because of that, it can causes issues for you, the driver.

“If we don’t get it repaired it’s obviously just going to get bigger so early detection, early cure is what we’re shooting for,” said Patrick Frerich, the Director of operations for the city.

The city needs the communities’ help in doing so, which is why they came up with a system.

“You can report them either by calling our street and bridge office or you can go on the website, there is a link and you can just type in the location automatically,” said Frerich.

After sending in your anonymous form it goes to the Street and Bridge Division. They shared with us how long your request will take to be fulfilled.

“When I get the email from the pothole request forms, by the time I put it in the computer and it gets to the guys it could be a week or more because we have so many already,” said Joey Anderson, the City of San Angelo Street & Bridge Superintendent.

This is why early detection is so important but he adds that as soon as they get it fixed, it’s ready for drivers.

“When we get done with a pothole it’s ready to go I mean, we open it up to traffic right then. We can’t leave it blocked off its been blocked off already so we have to get it going,” said Anderson.

“Every pothole we come up to were saw cutting the edges, cleaning it out, adding some tac coat or some prime material, and then filling that pothole, compacting it and moving on so its a bit of a process,” said Frerich.

They fill on average about 5 potholes a day and are hoping with your help the streets near you can be cured in a timely fashion.