SAN ANGELO, Texas — Fiber Optic Internet lines are taking San Angelo by storm as companies are laying lines all over town. Some homeowners though, have had less than desirable experiences with this process as yards are dug up, equipment is abandoned, and deadlines are extended.

A homeowner in Country Club Lakes Estates has been experiencing these issues since the summertime. Elizabeth Morgan says she is proud to call San Angelo home after moving from Houston a few years ago, but that the process of laying line on her property has her and her husband frustrated.

“It should have been done by September 27. But it was never touched. Nothing ever happened by September 27 of last year. As you can see the cables are still in the road and they come and dig up our yard every few months and last night was one of the worst. When I came home to this mess” Morgan said.

Morgan says, “Yes we need technology and we need progress. And I know there’s an inconvenience for a while but we this has to end this is unacceptable.”

She isn’t the only resident with this issue either; we asked San Angelo homeowners if they have had similar experiences and have seen problems of this sort keep coming up.

Optimum subcontracts out the work of laying lines with a company called D-COMM which has crews around the state. We reached out to Optimum and D-COMM but after numerous attempts, have not been able to receive a response.