(KLST/KSAN)- The father of one of the young children shot and killed this week in an elementary classroom in Uvalde spoke during tonight’s prayer vigil in San Angelo.

“Enjoy y’all’s time with y’all’s kids because you never know… my son was innocent,” Sergio Garcia said.

Sergio Garcia is the father of 9-year-old Uziyah Garcia. Garcia said his son was loving and kind to everyone he met and reminded his family how much he cared about them.

“My son, he always wanted to make me proud and he did,” Garcia said.

Many across the Concho Valley gathered at the Tom Green County Courthouse to mourn the victims, including Uziyah. The community came together in prayer and showed their support.

Uziyah’s aunt, Leticia Garcia, said her family cannot wrap their heads around how someone could do this to anyone, especially children.

“The children just, I’m sure were so scared and were dealing with a lot and were calling for their parents and so it’s absolutely devastating that this is continuing to happen,” she said.

Sergio said his son was born in San Angelo, so this is where he will be laid to rest.

“He will live on in a greater place and we will all meet with him,” Garcia said.