February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and local experts are working to teach teenagers to be more aware. They say setting boundaries can help teens be more comfortable and help them define relationships and, whether it’s with social media, teens and parents should be aware that dating violence is more common than most people think.

“We just want people to feel like they don’t have to stay stuck in this hurtful situation,” said Yvonne Romero, education coordinator at San Angelo’s Family Shelter. “Love does not hurt. Love is not supposed to be hurtful. Love is supposed to be healthy and beautiful and make you feel worthy. So we just want everyone to know we are here for you to support you in any way. If you’re having trouble leaving, if you’re having thoughts of leaving, if you feel unsafe, definitely give us a call here at the shelter.”

The Family Shelter’s annual Teen Healthy Relationship Hangout will take place at San Angelo’s YMCA downtown on Sunday, February 26th.