TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) — At today’s ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening, The Family Promise of Bell County Board Members and Leaders, shared their testimonies of hard-work and long term efforts of bringing the Promise House into fruition for those in need.

Graduate of the Promise House Program Rebecca Grant, explained why this new home is an important milestone.

“This is a new start for them and this is an amazing opportunity for them in that they have the full picture and the full vision of what these people have worked so hard to have. And it’s going to be an amazing adventure for them. And to get started on, on a whole [other] way in life,” shares Grant.

Organizers have already opened their doors for two families last week, allowing them to have a sense of dignity and autonomy as they work their way through the program.

“It gives them a place to literally just take a breath and to hear someone who is homeless know that they can just exhale and take a break from all the chaos they’ve been experiencing to get the ability to move forward. And it just means everything,” says Family Promise of Bell County Executive Director Rucker Preston.

Now that the organization has hit the ground running, many members shared that they are most excited for the ability to host a larger capacity of families and children with the new promise house.

They emphasized their gratitude for the communities involvement and care for their vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness.

For those struggling families and care takers seeking guidance or afraid to reach out for help, Rebecca Grant has a message for you.

“I never believed that I would have gone through anything like that. So with that being said, you don’t know who to reach out to in those those situations. But a lot of people need to know that these places do exist, that they are here to help. To give them a chance. To help you. And that was my biggest thing, was to reach out for help.”

The Promise House of Bell County is always looking for volunteers to assist in a variety of things, from providing weekly dinners, to interacting with guests, and staying overnight for safety purposes every night of the year.

For more information on volunteering, donations, and for the exciting future plans ahead, you can visit here.