SAN ANGELO, Texas — Mason ISD (MISD) has released a statement of their commitment to school safety in their community and this is what they had to say.

MISD began by addressing the tragedy that occurred in Uvalde, Texas saying it has caused the entire community to stop and reflect on the safety and security of their students and discussed measures that have already been put in place such as the Marshall program which empowers certain staff members to carry handguns and use whatever force necessary to protect their students.

The school district strives to keep improving systems already in place by regularly reviewing all safety protocols with staff and students, becoming familiar with local law enforcement, and engaging with students and parents regularly.

After discussing safety audits MISD decided upon a list of improvements which includes, Visible signs notifying visitors that staff members may be armed, construction projects and technology upgrades to increase security, training staff on all updated emergency procedures, establishing a threat assessment team, upgrading all communication systems, and locking all exterior and interior doors at all times with single entry and exit points on each campus.

MISD has asked that parents teach their students about reporting concerns to staff/law enforcement and how to be aware of their surroundings always. They went further to ask parents to keep personal firearms secure, listen to their student’s concerns, stay connected, model appropriate behaviors such as ways to express anger, be active in their student’s education, and monitor their student’s reading/social media/video games, etc.