LUBBOCK, Texas – With Texas public schools now restarting for the fall semester, interest in homeschooling is already outpacing the all-time records set by the enormous homeschool increase from 2020, according to a release from the Texas Home School Coalition. 

Last week, THSC’s weekly call and email volume reached 4699, nearly five times the weekly record set by 2020. Before being upset by 2021 numbers, the records set by 2020 had been all-time-highs. 

In the fall of 2020, the number of homeschooling families in Texas had nearly tripled from 4.5% in the spring to 12.3% by October, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

During the 2020 surge, THSC’s weekly call and email volume exploded from families interested in homeschooling. The volume topped out at a then all-time-high of 1037 contacts in one week. In last week along, THSC’s call and email volume was 4699, exceeding the weekly record set in 2020 by nearly a factor of five. 

Courtesy: Texas Home School Coalition

In response to the explosion of homeschool interest, THSC President Tim Lambert released the following statement, “2020 set records for the number of families interested in homeschooling. 2021 is now crushing those records. We are literally inundated with calls and emails from thousands upon thousands of families asking how they can begin homeschooling this fall. Families know that in homeschooling they can find a form of education that is flexible and stable at the same time and it comes with a community of families who are ready to help.”

Courtesy: Texas Home School Coalition