East Texas nurse helps family connect after mother contracts COVID-19


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – One East Texas woman has a large support system behind her as family, friends, and medical staff cheered her on down the hallway and out of the ICU.

Vivian Schumer contracted the coronavirus two weeks ago but has battled the virus and gotten better. Her son Freddie Summer lives in Austin and knew she was at risk at the age of 80, but with the help of a nurse at UT Health, he is able to fight alongside her.

“Although someone is on a ventilator and they can’t feel the tube down their throat and they can’t talk, knowing they can hear the voices that have always soothed them, I think is essential to healing. Touch I think is number one and then hearing you is also extremely important,” said Summers.

All nurses treating her have made a difference in her life, but one in particular has updated the family through phone calls and pictures.

He said the hardest part is being away from his mother and not having the ability to comfort her face to face. But knowing there are heroes caring for his mom made the process easier.

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