SAN ANGELO, Texas — If you drive by Howard College on U.S. HWY 67, you’ll notice some changes because of the next phase of construction.

Beginning on Thursday, drivers heading North will be using the new Frontage Roads that have been constructed over the last year, instead of the older, main lanes.

On Friday, southbound traffic will be moved from the main lanes to the Frontage Roads.

Traffic flow will continue this way for the next two years. During this time, workers will be building 5 new overpasses and re-doing the main lanes in the sections near these. The $38M project is set for completion in December 2021.

Drivers are being asked to watch out for signs — including stop signs that may not have been there before (in particular, one at Tractor Tr.).

Drivers are also being asked to watch their speed when near the construction site. The speed on the Frontage Roads will become 45MPH.

“Motorists need to be aware that as they come through the construction area on the north-side through Tractor Trail, that will be a stop condition. People will have to stop there before proceeding to the Frontage Road. We’re really asking people to slow down,” said Karen Threlkeld, Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Transportation.

Threlkeld also suggested planning ahead and leaving early if you drive through the area. Traffic may be slow during the first few days of the changes.

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