SAN ANGELO, Texas- More than 33 percent of the nation’s dove hunters are Texans and with September 1st being the first day of hunting season, people are out in the field and ready to go.

“We got a lot going on today and the game wardens are pretty busy out here in the county patrolling,” said Texas Game Warden, Jade Carter. “Everyone is excited because everyone knows that when the dove season starts, the other seasons will soon follow. This is the first season in Tom Green County and Texas as a whole, that people get to go out and hunt again.”

Carter hopes the recent rain we’ve received will stabilize our area’s dry conditions and help our local wildlife.

“We are starting to see some sign of the wildlife not doing so well and drought does impact the wildlife,” said Carter. “Again, I’m not 100 percent sure how it will impact it moving into the future but this rain is really starting to help.”

He adds that the dove’s food has also been affected and hunters will likely have to converge near water for their hunts.

“In Tom Green county we do have some fields that they can get into,” said Carter. “They’re generally eating whatever is on the ground at this point because of the drought.”

If you plan on heading out to hunt a mourning dove or whitetails keep in mind all the rules of hunting.

“Make sure you go ahead and buy your hunting license this year and make sure you get your (HIP) Harvest Information certification so you can shoot migratory game birds, that’s required by federal law,” said Carter. Also, make sure if you’re going out to Twin Buttes to go ahead and buy your annual public hunting permit. If you don’t do those kind of things, then you’ll be expected to see us and that won’t be so good.”