While the FLDS church and the LDS church both still use the Book of Mormon, the FLDS church practices polygamy, while LDS church members say they obey state and federal laws by not practicing polygamy. “I dont know that we would do it in any other country where it is allowed, were just not practicing polygamy.””In fact if a member of the church is involved in plural marriage in any degree, theyre excommunicated from the church, theyre no longer a member cause the lord has said no.”In 1890 when the LDS church stopped practicing polygamy, many members broke off and formed the Restored Church, later renamed the Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints. LDS church members say they have beliefs just like every other religion, However there are some big differences.”Our goal is to bring all into Christ, and to do that you cant be isolated and you have to be part of that.” Teachers of the LDS religion say that they do not condone underaged women marrying or having relations with older mature men out of wedlock.”We try to make sure that theyre safe as well as the leaders are safe, as far as morality problems are concerned.”Meanwhile Fundalmentalist church members believe it is their right to have many young wives. Sean Major, KLST News.