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Destination Texas: Fort Chadbourne


If you’re a fan of delving into Texas history, you’ll love this trip to Fort Chadbourne.

This Fort is located between Abilene and San Angelo and is home to living history reenactments, public events, and a tribute to Texas warriors.

The interactive displays will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. But if that still doesn’t do the trick, the 1 million artifacts that are housed within the museum just might.

“Fort Chadbourne was established in 1852. We’re the predecessor to Fort Concho in San Angelo. We’re named after Lt. Theodore Lincoln Chadbourne who was killed the battle of Resaca de la Palma in the Mexican War,” Lana Richards, Secretary/Treasurer for the Fort Chadbourne Foundation said.

Fort Chadbourne is home to the only restored Butterfield Stage stop in the state of Texas.

“All of this has been done with non-governmental funds,” Richards said.

The artifacts and displays are either donated, on loan, or procured through funds that have been given to the fort’s foundation.

“The Fort Chadbourne project is something that should not have happened. Lana and I were told from the beginning that we could not accomplish the goals set by the Board of Directors, at the first meeting in 1999. We were told that the only way to restore a historic site was to relinquish control of the Fort to a federal or state agency, who had funding and expertise to do a project like this,” Garland Richards, President of the Fort Concho Foundation said.

At Fort Chadbourne, there is also a special tie to the Medal of Honor.

“Then we’ve also found that we’ve had six Medal of Honor recipients that served at Fort Chadbourne,” Richards said.

There is also a tie to the Texas Medal of Honor.

“A lot of people aren’t familiar that Texas has their own Medal of Honor. There are 12 recipients of the Texas Medal of Honor,” Richards said.

“We’re very proud of all the stuff that’s been done at Fort Chadbourne, we couldn’t have done it without our volunteers and donors. We hope everybody comes out and takes a peek at what’s been done out here,” Richards said.

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