Delacruz Trial Update: Final Day of Witness Testimony


Testimony concluded this afternoon in the sentencing phase of the Isidro Delacruz trial.

The same jury that convicted Delacruz of capital murder heard evidence to decide his sentence.

A forensic psychologist testified for the defense saying Delacruz has more than half a dozen mild psychiatric disorders…..including alcohol use and cannabis use disorder…and a personality disorder with anti-social traits.

Dr. John Fabian said Delacruz’ anti-social traits were engaging in criminal offense and during cross-examination with district attorney Allison Palmer, Fabian admitted Delacruz does not follow rules well.

Palmer called two witnesses this afternoon who said Delacruz is prone to revenge and has a substance use disorder.

Both Palmer and the defense rested their cases this afternoon — the jury will hear closing arguments tomorrow morning and is expected to begin deliberating punishment. The jury will be deciding whether to sentence Delacruz to life in prison or the death penalty.

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