“Death Ridge” bringing record highs to the southeast this holiday weekend

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A dangerous heat wave in the southeast will cause many areas to experience record high temperatures this Memorial Day weekend. 

  •  Record high temperatures expected for the southeast over the holiday weekend
  •  A ridge of high pressure will remain stationary over the Southeastern   United States 
  •  Many at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke throughout the duration of this event 

The Southeastern United States has seen a warmer-than-normal May, but this holiday weekend there’s the potential for record high temperature to easily be shattered, some of which were set back in the 1800s.

The National Weather Service says highs could soar into the upper 90s and some areas in the Deep South and the Carolinas could see triple digit temperatures. 

A ridge of high pressure, known to some as the “death ridge,” will settle over the Southeastern United States preventing the formation of clouds and precipitation. Most areas will see sunny skies and “the chance of precipitation will remain virtually nil,” according to the weather service in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Texas and much of the Central Plains have been dealing primarily with flooding from severe storms that have moved through the plains over the past few weeks. This large and powerful high pressure is keeping humid conditions across West Texas and the Concho Valley. The clockwise rotation of the high pressure system is pushing warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico over the region allowing the dew points to rise as well as the humidity.  

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