Vice President Joe Biden on Monday rebuffed comments by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani describing the Black Lives Matter movement as “inherently racist,” calling it “a very broad statement.”

“Look what (President Barack Obama) said when the Black Lives Matter people in one demonstration said, ‘kill the police, the sooner the better,’ or some phrase like that. The President condemned it immediately,” Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “But that’s not the black community — that group, that element of Black Lives Matter, doesn’t speak for all of Black Lives Matter and does not speak for most folks in the black community, both middle class and poor, who know they are more likely to be pulled over than the Caucasian guy.”

Five police officers were killed in Dallas last week, and two bailiffs and a suspect were killed after a courthouse shooting in Michigan Monday afternoon. Biden heads to Dallas on Tuesday for a memorial service honoring the officers.

Protesters have taken to the streets in several cities across the nation, such as Baton Rouge, to draw attention to what they consider improper police tactics.

“There are some people in Black Lives Matter who don’t want to talk and have dialogue, and others who do,” Biden said.