Cyberbullying the Topic of Central High School’s Orientation


With early August comes all the prep-work involved to make sure students are ready for that first day of school.

Central High School’s principal–however–wanted to take the short orientation time to talk to students about cyberbullying and its damaging effects.

He referred to “David’s Law” or “Senate Bill 179,” which aims at combating and preventing cyberbullying.

The law is named after San Antonio Student, David Molak, an Alamo Heights High School student who took his own life in early 2016 following having to endure relentless cyberbullying.

David’s Law encourages schools to invest in counseling and rehabilitation services for victims and aggressors of bullying.

SB 179 also allows schools to investigate off-campus cyber-assisted bullying

The bill takes effect in September of this year.

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