Corporations still eyeing, planning to open in San Angelo despite COVID-19


“San Angelo has been spared some of the brunt of this because we have a very diverse economy. We have healthcare, we have live sciences, we have agriculture, we have logistics, we have warehousing, we have three different sections of the energy field: oil, wind, solar. We have medical manufacturing, we have over 100 manufacturers of all different sizes in the Concho Valley,” Michael Looney, Vice President of Development for the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce said.

Looney says it’s due to San Angelo’s location, which is somewhat isolated, that businesses often eye the area as an option for relocation.

“Corporations and government agencies see the value of being in an environment like this because you’re not as easily compromised by being in or near a very metropolitan area,” Looney said.

The Chamber of Commerce and the City of San Angelo Development Corporation, or COSADC, have been working on deals with companies for several years. According to Looney, those plans are still moving forward.

“A lot of the companies that we deal with, they’re not running on a three or four or five year horizon. They’re looking on a 20  years horizon. So a situation like this to most of the companies we deal with in the industrial development world, they see this as an interesting historical inconvenience, but not something that will cause them to rethink San Angelo. They’re going forward,” Looney said.

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