Convicted felon turns life around


Prison and the Bible turns a man’s life around: “Once you experience the rock bottom of life, there is nowhere else to go but up. And when I realized that, I knew nothing in life could stop me. The only thing that could stop me in life was me,” testifies Jermaine Wilson, a previously convicted felon who transformed & turned his life around to become city commissioner.

Life hasn’t been easy for Jermaine Wilson. At 19-years-old, police arrested him for possession of Ecstasy. He served three years at Lansing Correctional, and that’s when his life changed…forever. 

“I felt all alone for the first time in my life. And so while I was actually sitting inside my prison cell, the only thing I had was the Bible.”

The more he read, the more he wanted to change his life around, become a better partner, a better father and give back to the community he says he let down. 

With his record expunged in May 2015, this year, the father of five decided to take a leap of faith and run for city commission. 

“I want to unify the community, bring the city hope, clean up this community, allow people to be heard throughout this community.”

Kansas law allows anyone convicted of a felony who completes the term of their sentence and re-registers to vote to seek public office.

On Tuesday, Wilson received the most votes. “Plans to give you hope and a new future. It was very, very challenging, but the thing is I knew I couldn’t give up because if I would have gave up, I would have been giving up on this community,” states Wilson.

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