Congress divided over President’s decision to target Iranian General


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Huge funeral crowds on Monday in Tehran called for revenge and retaliation against the U.S. after President Donald Trump’s decision to target and kill Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

“He did what a responsible, strong- not weak- commander in chief does when faced with the opportunity to take out one of the, if not the world’s most wanted terrorist,” said Kellyanne Conway.

Conway said President Trump acted within his powers as Commander in Chief, arguing the U.S. had to retaliate for the recent attacks against our forces.

Republicans, like Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson, agree.

“This is an evil regime. I don’t think we should be second-guessing and undermining our own president.”

But Democrats, like Michigan Senator Gary Peters, want to limit President Trump’s power to order further military actions in the Middle East without Congressional approval.

“He does have an obligation to talk to Congress.”

Peters and his colleagues are also pressuring the President to declassify the intelligence reports justifying the airstrike against Soleimani.

“We should all be united before we send men and women into harm’s way,” said Peters.

Democrats want to know what kind of imminent danger ultimately forced the president to take the most drastic military response. They could get that answer from the department of defense later this week.

“Yes, they will be briefed, but they also should calm down and celebrate,” said Conway.

For now, more American troops are preparing to ship out to the Middle East in advance of whatever comes next. 

Late Monday, Democrats introduced the resolution that would limit President Trump’s ability to order further military action without Congressional approval.

Speaker Pelosi expects a vote on it as early as this week.

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