Concho Valley Transit District Looks To Add Wi-Fi On Buses


Providing wi-fi on Concho Valley Transit buses is one of the goals of administrators, along with apps that would provide real time information about the location of a bus.

“We are responsible for the road map to the future as far as transportation planning with in the city of San Angelo,” says Director, Major Hofheins, of the San Angelo Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The San Angelo Metropolitan Planning Organization is responsible for public out reach, working with the city of San Angelo, the Concho Valley Transit District, TX Dot and obtaining federal and state grants.

The Concho Valley Transit District in particular heavily relies on these grants.

“Most of the funding the Transit District gets is a reimbursement type funding,” says Hofheins and must come through the MPO first.

“For them to actually have access to that funding, it has to be in the transportation improvement plan, which means they have to come to us.”

In addition to the transit updating from a flag down bus system to adding signs and designated stops, they are in the process of obtaining grants to improve their technology.

General Manager at the Concho Valley Transit District, Vince Huerta, says, “We have already begun the process into begin to procure and obtain the dollars to begin to purchase the appropriate system for our system that will schedule those trips, it will help us monitor the vehicles, that you could literally just pull up your phone and see where’s my bus.”

Huerta adds phones are a great way to virtually track the bus.

That’s not the only technology improvement in the works.

“The goal is at the end of the day is to put wi-fi on some of these buses make them attractive to folks to want to ride the bus. We want to increase ridership.
In transit that’s the name of the game, that’s the only way we can obtain more funding,” said Huerta.

Hofheins says, “Your tax dollars are going to make sure that public transportation stays a vital and vibrant part of the community.”

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