Concho Valley Regional Food Bank distributes food to those in need


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Concho Valley Regional Food Bank distributes to over 97 different agencies, including soup kitchens and food pantries in and beyond Tom Green County.

“We exist to try to lessen food insecurity in the Concho Valley,” said Susan Gober, Director of Development at Concho Valley Regional Food Bank.

The food bank plays a vital part in the community sending out over 2 1/2 million pounds of food. Steve Mild is in charge of the warehouse where they just got a new shipment of food.

“Our truck comes in with the donated items, then we line them up here in the middle so that the shoppers can then go through them and pick out what they need for their agencies,” said Mild.

Mild tells us, CVRFB can get more bang for their buck with a monetized donation.

“You would go out and you would buy a case of green beans lets say and you might pay 8 or 9 dollars for that case of green beans, we can buy that same case for 18 cents a pound,” said Mild.

The supply chain issues being felt across many industries is also hitting here at home.

“We are feeling it a little bit because we get a lot of our food from the San Antonio Food Bank and if their resources have lessened because of the supply chain issues, then we don’t have as many options,” said Gober.

CVRFB works with a handful of agencies to help them reach even more families, children or anyone in the Concho Valley who needs a meal, but how does it all come together? Shipments come in, agencies shop at a discounted price, then that food gets distributed to those in need.

“Some of the agencies who do distributions on Friday will come in and they will pick all of this up in the morning and do their distribution or feeding in the afternoon. We need our member agencies, the food pantries, the soup kitchens, the sack lunch programs, the hot meal sites, we need those agencies because one in eight in the Concho Valley are food insecure and in children the numbers are even worse, one in four children are at risk for food insecurity.”

Over the years, The Concho Valley Regional Food Bank has made their impact providing over 400,000 meals to families in need.

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