Concho Valley PAWS offers new program to volunteers


Concho Valley PAWS is excited to announce a new program that is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers who want to help, but can’t commit to fostering or adopting a pet.  

The PAWS Pals Program encourages volunteers to select a shelter pet to befriend and visit twice per week until they are adopted.  

During these visits the volunteer can walk the dog, play ball, give baths and just spend time showing the dog affection and attention.  

Some of the dogs will qualify to go out on day “trips” to run in the park, play at the dog park or go get a puppaccino, and some dogs even qualify for overnight stays.  

“This is a fun way to engage volunteers and give the dogs some much needed exercise and sunshine” said PAWS Executive Director, Jenie Wilson.  

“Studies have proven that there are definite health benefits to enrichment programs like this.” Wilson said, “Shelter pets are under a lot of stress in a shelter environment and getting them out of this environment for a simple walk decreases cortisol levels significantly.” 

There are over 100 dogs and over 150 cats at the shelter, Wilson said, “Everyone of them could benefit from having a friend.”

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