Concho valley community action agency billing assistance


For those who may need it, utility bill assistance is available in the Concho Valley through the Concho Valley Community Action Agency. While the program has been around for many years, the CVCAA is pushing to raise awareness for the program as they expand efforts to process mail-in applications.

Community Programs Director Tracey Dishon explained, saying “In the last year or so, we have transitioned to more mail-in applications; because it’s easier on the client to not have to make an appointment to come in. So we’ve been accepting a lot of applications through the mail.”

The funding for CVCAA assistance originates at the federal level. It is then passed down to the state, through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs which then distributes it throughout the state of Texas; which is where CVCAA gets their grant funds from.

Citizens who qualify can receive help on their electric, gas, and propane bills from the Concho Valley Community Action Agency. The program provides assistance to people who live in the several counties including but not limited to Concho, Crockett, Menard, Reagan, Sutton, and Tom Green.

“It really helps out a lot of people,” said director Dishon. “And if we can pay their utility bills, sometimes they can make another payment that they’re unable to make like the rent. A lot of people have said that it’s just helped them and they’re very very grateful for the assistance because it is more than one bill.

Lyla Martinez CVCAA’s chief financial officer spoke about why this can be so impactful for low income families in the area, saying “that’s our purpose, as a community action agency. Is to fight poverty and you know hopefully helps the family transition to being self sufficient. So yeah we’d like to thing that we’re kind of in the middle of things and at the forefront.”

The official program name is the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program. Payments are based on your billing history, but if you are interested in getting assistance, the best thing to do is contact the CVCAA and find out if you qualify and what specific support they can provide to you.

The CVCAA provides a variety of services in partnership with community resources to improve lives and empower people in the Concho Valley – this, according to their website. In addition to the utility assistance, the agency provides weatherization assistance, case management, and tax assistance.

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