“People are just so generous,” Kelly Stultz said.

The Concho Coffee House opened in 2017 and in 2018, Kelly Stultz and her husband bought the business. It’s right on the main street running through Christoval. From the beginning, she said people were supportive and often wanted to leave them tips.

“As the owner, I just felt a little weird because we’re just doing our jobs,” Stultz said.

That’s when she came up with the idea for a tip jar where all the money goes to charities. The charities rotate each month and have included rust street ministries, meals for the elderly, and a woman who was raising money for a mission trip.

Throughout the summer, the tips will go to the Christoval backpack program. It’s run through the local Baptist Church and has been helping kids and families who struggle with food insecurity for 10 years now.

Stultz said, even the out-of-towners love the idea of giving to charities.

“We had a guy come in and he was from out of town and asked what it was and then he put a 50-dollar bill in there,” Stultz said.

Usually the tip jar collects around $200 per month but this month the total has reached almost $400 so far.