Concho Careers: What it Takes to Work at a Body Shop


To work in a body shop going to a trade school can be beneficial but as long as you are somewhat mechanical it is a job you can work towards. “If they can do some mechanical skills with their hands then we can train them” said Concho Collision Owner, Jim Osborn. 

Along with having some mechanical skills one must be very detail orientated with a general knowledge of cars, the rest can be taught. “Be able to look at a vehicle, disassemble it, repair it, put it back together, and put it back on the road, cars are very complicated and it’s not easy to fix them” said Osborn. 

There are many different positions at a body shop from a painter to glass repair. According to Osborn it is a step by step process to get ones car back on the road “disassembled, repaired, sent to the paint shop, painted, put back together, cleaned up and get back on the road” said Osborn. 

Osborn says it take five to six years for someone to become a skilled technician which is hard to come by. Osborn said “There’s not a lot of trained technicians that do this, and it’s a really good profession, a good skilled technician can make upwards to $100,00 a year.”

Becoming a skilled technician is a skill that may takes years to master but is a job that can provide for a lifetime. “It is a lifelong career, once somebody comes in to this field, I mean, you can have an individual that doesn’t,t have any training, very little education, can come in here and if they’re able to use their hands and fix a car, they have a skill for the rest of their life, where other companies will want to hire them, it’s hard to come by, to find that individual.”

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