SAN ANGELO, Texas — The construction on College Hills started in May of 2022 and has caused travel disruptions since it’s beginning. Citizens that travel down College Hills know the frustrations of construction, but also the severity of work the road needed.

Director of Operations for the city, Patrick Frerich, says not only was the road damaged with potholes, but the underlying water lines would leak and burst, creating more issue. He says “It had a lot of problems it they blew up constantly we constantly had leaks, which even further impacted the roadway so we had not only a roadway problem, but we also had an underground infrastructure problem with college hills.”

The 30-month project has reached the 20 percent completion threshold. Frerich says that with internet providers and electrical companies cooperating and moving their infrastructure on the South side now; once the north side of the project is complete, the south side should flow with ease.

The project is on target to finish in the allotted time frame and the end result should be a smooth commute for residents and visitors.