SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – The Coke County Detention Center, which has been vacant since 2005, is now becoming a secure data center.

It was intended to be repurposed as an immigration holding facility, but an earnest money contract held by immigration officials for the past two years was not approved by the federal government.

So after 15 years on the market, the coke county detention center is being repurposed as a secure data center. Wolf and Bar LLC, out of Dallas, is the new owner of the facility bringing economic development to the county.

Coke County Judge, Hal Spain says, “We are thrilled to death to get this facility back on the tax row. As far as economic development, It’ll provide jobs and that’s the main thing we’re interested in as far as promoting Coke County and building our economic structure wherever we can.”

He explains that it’s just the bigging of a plan to further develop the area.

“We are right on the precipice of getting more broadband established in the rural areas. And it’s ahead it’s always been my contention that we can get we have excellent schools and coke county and we can get people to move to Coke County, Bronte, and Robert Lee if at least one of them has a way to make a living.”

Located on Highway 277, the facility gets water and sewer from the City of Bronte and remodeling should begin early in 2022.