In the past couple of decades laser eye surgery has become increasingly more popular. We took a close look at the procedure.
LASIK or laser eye surgery is a common procedure that helps people get rid of their dependency on glasses or contacts and in most cases have 20/20 vision.

 “I almost always hear that I wish I would have done it sooner,” says Daniel Lui MD, an ophthalmologist at Shannon Clinic.  
Daniel Lui, a San Angelo eye doctor says about 20 million people worldwide have undergone the procedure.
A computer maps out all the imperfections of the visual system.
“It tells us even ahead of time how much cornea tissue is going to be taken away,” says Dr. Lui.
The surgery is a two step process.
“The first step involves using a precision laser to create a flap on the cornea,” says Dr. Lui. “After that the cornea is gently peeled up and a second laser creates the treatment to reshape your cornea.” 
In between it all, numbing drops are consistenly being used to keep the patient from feeling any pain.
“the flap is laid back down and then you’re done,” says Dr. Lui.
All done within a few minutes. 
Laser eye surgeries have increased significantly within the last 20 years. Dr. Lui performed his first in 1995, when the technology was still fairly new and limited. 
“We could only treat nearsightedness,” says Dr. Lui.
But technology has come a long way since the 90’s.
“And throughout the years because of the progession of technology we have more and more people benefitting, including higher levels of nearsighteness and far sightedness and high levels of astigmatism,” says Dr. Lui.
Dr Lui says the eye heals very quickly and the results can sometimes be noticed less than 24 hours later.
“A lot of patients end up seeing very well the next day,” says Dr. Lui.
And a lot of patients are thrilled with thier investment. People who are interested in the surgery need to contact a lasik specialist to get eye exams done to make sure they are good candidates first.