City utility departments understaffed


The various utility and labor departments of the city of San Angelo are facing a labor shortage.
The shortage, caused locally in large part to the close proximity of oil jobs, is placing strain on the existing work force. Nathan Timm, the water distribution & collection superintendent elaborated. “When we’re short handed,” said Timm, “we have that guys that are on call, weekly. Other guys are having to pick up more call, you know they’re on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day amd they’re having to pick up more call than they necessarily would if we’re fully staffed.”

As with many trade and labor professions, more and more people are shunning these longer-term stable careers for higher paying work elsewhere. That negatively impacts the city’s ability to respond to maintenance emergencies. Like many, Timm is not against anyone seeking a higher education. However, that does not change the fact that these jobs, from cabinet carpenter, pipe plumber, electrician, and street paver all need to be done for any city to function.

To apply to work for the city of San Angelo, see their careers page.

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