SAN ANGELO, Texas – City officials have been trying to reach AEP about the electricity situation in San Angelo and say that the power provider has been unresponsive. In the meantime with some residents going days now without power in the midst of freezing temperatures.

The City has expanded warming center operations from McNease Convention Center to also include the stables at Old Fort Concho.

“Most importantly the McNease Convention Center and the stables at Fort Concho are warming stations so if you don’t have power haven’t had power please get to one of those two locations, we’ve got power there we’ve got some food. You may bring your pet. But don’t stay home and tough it out, get to our facilities, please,” Brenda Gunter, Mayor of the City of San Angelo said.

For those without water, the city is trying to make repairs and restore pressure. But, officials say a major challenge right now is that water is freezing before they can find the leaks. Which typically are found by looking for water flowing from the damaged areas. We’ll have more on this as details become available.