City of San Angelo Public Information Officer, Brian Groves, answers your questions


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Some citizens have asked questions on both the City of San Angelo’s Facebook page as well as KLST and KSAN‘s Facebook pages. We brought those questions to the City of San Angelo’s Public Information Officer, Brian Groves.

One question was, “Why is there information listed as ‘pending?'”

“The information that we put out on our Facebook page is exactly the same information we send out to the media and that is the exact information we get from the health department. The only modifications we make are taking out specifics. We put an age range. But other than that, that’s what we put out. Now whenever someone ‘pending,’ whether that’s pending demographics or things like that, that’s because our health department is still investigating or still waiting to get that information on that positive case. It’s not that we’re holding that information from anybody, we’re just waiting to get that information. So usually it takes a day or two and we’ll end up updating that information and post in the future. So, we’re not trying to hide anything, our health department is inundated with positive cases every day and sometimes they don’t get all the information until a day later,” Groves said.

Another issue of concern was the amount of information being released by the City.

“There’s been a lot of questions as far as ‘why doesn’t the City release more? Where the person works? Where has the person been?’ and as you can see from different cities, there’s no uniform way of doing this, every city does it differently. And so we release the information the health department gives us and everything else is under confidential medical records. And one of the reasons why is that while we are a town of 100,000, we are still a small community. The more information you’re giving about people, the more people could figure out who these people are and the last thing we want is for these positive cases to become some sort of target,” Groves said.

Some citizens wondered about the impact the recent protests and rallies held. The City

Those demonstrations and rallies include:

There have also been concerns raised about hospital capacity and how San Angelo would be impacted now that larger cities have stopped taking patients. (View more COVID-19 related announcements and news here.)

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