(KLST/KSAN)– With the end of pool season just under two weeks away, the Municipal Pool is working to make up for lost time and revenue.

The Love Pool usually opens from the last weekend in May through the first weekend in September.

“We actually open to schools prior to that normally when the filters and systems are up and running and everything is working well for private parties for school before they cut out for the summer,” Brent Casey, City of San Angelo Recreations Manager, said.

Unfortunately, that was not the case this year. The Love Pool was forced to close for the better half of the season due to construction.

Casey said that is more than a month of lost time, which in turn, has taken a hit on revenue.

“We are less than half of what we are supposed to make for revenue for the season and we are still climbing,” Casey said. “Obviously, we still have this weekend if the weather holds out.

The city is hoping the weather clears up so people can enjoy these last couple of weeks at the pool.

“We will see how that goes; it does not look very great for us right now,” Casey said. “Some people will still come, as long as there’s no lightning, we are fine with people being in the pool.”

The city has scheduled one more event before the pool officially closes for the fall.

“We do have an adult water volleyball tournament coming up,” Casey said.

The volleyball tournament is scheduled for September 8th.

You can contact the recreations office at 325-657-4450 to sign up for the tournament. Participants must be 18 or older to compete.

“Hopefully, it does well this weekend and we can continue through that bringing in a little more revenue,” Casey said.