City of San Angelo comments on fiber-optic cable work throughout town


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SAN ANGELO, Texas – The City of San Angelo has received a large amount of phone calls and emails regarding work being done by Frontier Communications. The City of San Angelo said in a statement on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, that they are not conducting the work and cannot provide information related to the work or any damage that is a result of the work.

According to the statement, fiber-optic technology has made its way to San Angelo, which provides new options for internet service. Frontier Communications is expanding its fiber-optic network to bring what the company calls “blazing fast speeds and reliable broadband connections” to San Angelo. Read more about Frontier service at

As Frontier Communications expands their network, residents may see orange lines being laid in an increasing number of neighborhoods and in front of their properties during the installation process. These lines are innerducts that encase and protect the fiber-optic cable. The area being worked on is defined as public right of way, or the area on, below or above a public roadway, highway, street, public sidewalk, alley, waterway or utility easement in which the municipality has an interest. This area can include the portions of property adjacent to streets, including areas that many consider private property. Because Frontier has a franchise from the State of Texas, they are permitted to install the innerducts into the right of way.

While the City of San Angelo is aware of the work being done in the right of way, the city is not conducting the work and cannot provide information related to the work or any damage that is a result of the work. For questions about damage done to property, contact Frontier Construction Coordinator Steve Cortese at or 325-249-5458.

Fiber-optic service is not limited to Frontier. Additional companies will likely be coming to install fiber, as well. We do not have a time frame for when new companies will begin work, but we advise citizens to be on the lookout.

Courtesy: City of San Angelo; Frontier Communications

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