(KLST/KSAN)– The 29th Street Sports Complex was originally built in the 1970s and it’s due for a bit of a make over.

“It’s been available for the public to use, they can go in there and fly a kite or walk around, but there’s really nothing you can use it for at present,” White said.

Carl White with the City of San Angelo said city council members approved initial design plans for complex renovations.

“We realized there was a strong need to provide available space for sports teams to practice,” White said.

Improvements will include a pedestrian bridge that will connect the fields to Kirby Park.

“There’s already a lot of activity at Kirby Park,” White said. “So some of that activity, especially the sports practices, can spill over into this new site.”

New covered bleachers, fencing, and restrooms will also be added.

“If folks are on this side of the river, it’s a little too far to walk to go back to the other restrooms and especially parents with kids, they don’t want to send them too far to go to the restroom,” White said.

White said the building currently sits on a hill, so the land will also need to be flattened.

“That central area is a little too high, we are going to lower it a little bit to make it better for accessibility,” White said.

The next step is the construction document phase, which White said could take up to nine months.

“So construction is more than a year and a half out,” White said.