Citizens seek removal of Daniel Bennett from the Paint Rock ISD Board of Trustees


Concerned taxpayers are petitioning for the removal of Daniel Bennett from the Paint Rock Independent School Board of Trustees. An open letter to the PRISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent is seeking to request his immediate resignation from the board.

In a press release from the school board, it states “Bennet said he will voluntarily not be attending the board of trustee meetings until his names is cleared from the accusation. He will also not be on campus until this matter is resolved.”

For the petitioning citizens, this is not enough. The petition states in part “If Mr. Bennett will not attend school board meetings, how can he possibly adhere to the responsibilities and ethical standards outlined in the Code of Ethics?”

“We seek his removal from this board. As of now, this position is vacant and the school district is missing an active member on its board. The position needs to be filled so the trustees can get on with the business of the school,” said Pam Hart, spokesperson for the citizens.

Bennett has been charged with Sexual Abuse of Child Continuous: Victim Under 14 (Felony 1) and two counts of Sexual Assault Child (Felony 2) stemming from a 2016 accusation.


To: The Paint Rock Independent School District Board of Trustees & Superintendent
From: Pamela J. Hart
Re: Petition to Request Immediate Resignation from Daniel Bennett, PRISD School Board VP
Date: February 26, 2018

My name is Pamela J. Hart. I reside and pay taxes in Concho County. Currently, I am a retired educator, principal, and educational consultant; but most important for you to know is that I am a staunch advocate for children, and quality education systems. I believe that the individuals who serve on school boards play an important role in working together as a team, and should diligently do the work they were elected to do.

School board trustees are ” expected to serve in order to promote the best interests of the District as a whole and, to that end, shall adhere to a set of ethical standards” as outlined in the Texas Association of School Boards Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics lists six very important pillars of service responsibilities, and expectations for each school board member:

· Equity in attitude
· Trustworthiness in stewardship
· Honor in conduct
· Integrity of character
· Commitment to service
· Student-Centered focus

The following Concho County taxpayers respectfully request that Daniel Bennett, Vice President of the PRISD, immediately resign his position on the PRISD School Board due to his statement regarding his recent indictment of crimes against a child: one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14 and two counts of sexual assault of a child. Mr. Bennett announced publicly that he would “voluntarily not be attending school board meetings until his name is cleared, and he will not be on campus until the matter is resolved.”

If Mr. Bennett will not attend school board meetings, how can he possibly adhere to the responsibilities and ethical standards outlined in the Code of Ethics?

Question #1: How can Mr. Bennett be accountable to the public by representing District policies, programs, and priorities and progress accurately when he will not be attending and participating in board meetings? (Trustworthiness in stewardship)

Question #2: How can Mr. Bennett share his views while working on consensus? Or, how can he respect the majority decision as the decision of the board? (Honor in conduct)

Question #3: How can Mr. Bennett consistently uphold all applicable laws, rules, policies, and governance procedures? (Integrity of character)

Question #4: How can Mr. Bennett focus his attention on fulfilling the Board’s responsibility of goal setting, policymaking, and evaluation? And, how can Mr. Bennett prepare for and ATTEND Board meetings? (Commitment to service)

Again, WE ask, HOW can all of these important responsibilities be met if Mr. Bennett is not actively participating in the Paint Rock ISD?

We, the undersigned, request an immediate resignation from Mr. Bennett so that the PRISD can function as a viable and working team for the entire welfare of the PRISD staff, students, community members, and all other stakeholders.

Respectfully submitted,
Pamela J. Hart

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A Paint Rock Independent School Board of Trustees, Daniel Bennett, has been indicted and arrested on a 2016 accusation. From the Runnels County Jail records:
Bond Amount: $50,000
1. Sexual Abuse of Child Continuous: Victim Under 14 (Felony 1)
2. Sexual Assault Child (Felony 2)
3. Sexual Assault Child (Felony 2)

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