Christoval Volunteer Fire Department July 4th 5K, BBQ


Many West Texans come to the Christoval Volunteer Fire Department’s 5k fundraiser and Fourth of July BBQ every year.

“It’s a tradition,” says Secretary of Treasure, Becky Kuykendall. “We come here, we volunteer, we help out our firefighters as much as we can.”

About 200 people signed up to run, and they are expecting double that number for lunch.

“I had a great crowd, largest crowd ever,” says firefighter, Jimmy Barton. “Last year was huge, but this year is even bigger.”

The event was open to the public with a $25 registration fee.

“We started a capital campaign about 20 years ago,” says Barton. “We’ve been able to buy new trucks. We’ve got a new truck on order right now. A lot of these funds will go towards that project.”

Beyond fundraising for the truck, the fee includes a T-shirt, a medal, and a BBQ lunch.

“Been here all night long,” says firefighter, Jerry Montalvo. “After I get through here, I won’t want brisket for a while.”

About 450 people are expected to be fed today, and the volunteers have been prepping brisket and sausage since 5 pm last night.

“It’s a good feeling knowing that everyone is going to come in, and pick up on something to eat,” says Montalvo.

Locals can also participate in a raffle.

“We’re doing an AR-15 and a Henry 357 Magnum Big Boy Classic, and then we also have a Consuela purse,” says Kuykendall.

But July Fourth is more than just food and gifts for the participants at the event.

“Seeing all the people,” says Kuykendall. “It’s great to see a community come together, to support volunteers basically, and its great to see everybody.”

The run started at 9 AM, and the lunch began from 11 until 2 PM. They will have another event like this one come next Independence Day.

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