Can I drive through that? A map of low water crossings in San Angelo.

A driver trapped in flood waters at South Jackson Street near South Bryant Boulevard. Rescuers from the San Angelo Fire Department can be seen in the background,

A driver trapped in flood waters on South Jackson Street. August, 2021.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — It’s no secret that there are parts of San Angelo that are prone to flooding any time the city experiences heavy rainfall. Intersections and low water crossings around the city can become dangerous quickly during a storm.

While it may seem safe to cross one of these low water crossings or flooded roadways, it can be difficult to judge how deep the water covering a street is. Police and the Texas Department of Transportation have advised drivers to “Turn around. Don’t drown,” in an effort to reduce the number of drivers who need to be rescued or, in some cases, die after trying to drive through flooded roads.

The San Angelo Police Department has released a list of 37 low water crossings drivers should be aware of when they have to drive during heavy rainfall.

The Concho Valley Homepage Team put them all into a map so anyone can quickly find potentially dangerous low water crossings near them.

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