SAN ANGELO, Texas- Calvary Baptist Church held their 21st annual neighborhood cookout on Saturday. Church volunteers stood on the sides of Armstrong street waving down all who passed, encouraging them to come out and fellowship with those in the community.

“We want to get people outside of the church and not just be confined inside so we do things like this and other events to get people to come in. We just wan to say hey we’re here for you, this community and this neighborhood especially,” said Pastor of Calvary Baptist, Bobby Roger.

They handed out plates with burgers and snacks and Christian-country music star Clifton Jansky came from Pleasanton, Texas to perform a concert for those who stopped by.

“Just a free hamburger, just showing people that were not wanting anything from you but we want to give to you,” added Jamie Rouse, associate Pastor of Calvary Baptist.

Calvary hosts a slew of events in the community including the summer feeding program and even adopted Bradford as their school that they help with throughout the year.