Bystanders help rescue a 56 year-old San Angelo man who was attempting to save a dog in floodwater


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Bystanders helped rescue a 56 year-old San Angelo man who thought he was going to drown in the swift-moving water of the Red Arroyo.

It all started with a dog that fell into the rushing water and was washed downstream. 56 year-old Richard McGinty saw the dog struggling and jumped into the Red Arroyo from the Knickbocker Road bridge. He was able to save the dog, but then realized the current was moving too fast and he panicked. “I almost drowned in the process. I got the dog to safety — I got him in the bushes. I was screaming for help because I was drowning,” McGinty said and a bystander was able to throw a tow strap out to him.”

Justin Segura was on his way home from work when he said he saw a bit of commotion going on near the bridge. He said “I saw another man right here and I thought what is he looking at? I thought he was just looking under the bridge, but then I realized he [McGinty] was clinched onto that pillar.” Segura and additional services were able to pull McGinty and the dog out of the rushing floodwater.

No injuries were reported.

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