Businesses Cleanup Storm Damage


The storm impacted some businesses across San Angelo. Today they are picking up the pieces. Crews are breaking down what’s left of roofs and getting ready to replace them.

“It’s shocking when you see it. When you see your roof is cleaned off your building and it’s laying in your neighbors yard, that’s a little, you know it’s kind of like wow,” says Andy Allen, owner of Adobe Signs & T-shirts.  

He has been cleaning up since Friday night when a customer told him the roof flew off. The inside was not spared.

“We knew that if the roof was bad, something else had to be bad on the inside. Walked inside and it was just it was flooded and we had water everywhere. No power or anything. The ceiling tiles were falling out and everything,” says Allen.

He says some customers’ orders and machinery was destroyed. All he hopes the insurance will pay for.

The storm also tore part of the roof on El Patio Inn. The owner says with the size of the roof pieces, things could have been much worse 

“Probably close to 4 thousand pounds that actually went flying 100 feet in the air . from the front of the building and ended up in the back parking lot here. Fortunately no one was hurt,” says Greg Logwinuk, El Patio Inn Owner.

He says there is extensive water damage to a few rooms.

“Water was just pouring in. I had all of my employees and contractors Friday night just taking out buckets. Buckets and buckets and trash cans full of water and sweeping it out,” says Logwinuk.

He also owns San Angelo Lodge which had roof problems too.

“Losing roofs at both motels and the rain pouring in, but hopefully we are going to be back in order pretty quickly,” says Logwinuk.

Both businesses owners are optimistic.

“I’m going to rebuild it and I’m going to bring it back and keep doing business. You know, walking away isn’t really an option for me. It’s just what I got to do,” says Allen.

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