SAN ANGELO, Texas – Starting your own business can be tough but with a growing market for new ideas, the Business Factory is helping new entrepreneurs get on their feet.

“Anytime a client signs on as a Business Factory client, we’re here ready for them because all we want is for them to have a successful business,” said Nora Nevarez, the economic development assistant at the Business Resource Center.

The Business Factory is described as an incubator for new up and coming businesses.

“It’s a program where we assist those that have created a business here in our community. Once they’ve created that business at their homes, which usually that’s where they start them, there actually ready for that next phase,” said Nevarez.

Russell Pehl with Centurion Planning and Design, a business that graduated from the Business Factory says without the resources they were provided, like help making a business plan or figuring out marketing strategies, they wouldn’t have been able to handle the day to day woes of managing a business.

“Definitely as a small business is trying to get, get going, it’s been very helpful. When things go wrong, you know who you go to, your parents a lot of times and that’s kind of what it feels like to some degree. So, they’ve been very helpful,” said Pehl.

Centurion Planning and Design is now established in downtown and is creating more jobs for the San Angelo community.