Bus Stop Forecast and Breakfast and Lunch Menus for San Angelo ISD – Thursday, December 19th


We will begin our day similar to yesterday, with temperatures being in the 20s for most of the Concho Valley, with some being in the teens at drop off. As part of our warming trend, the Concho Valley will begin to see warmer temperatures, with today reaching the Upper 50s to Lower 60s for most of us.

Lunabella Red horse, a fifth grade student at Holiman Elementary tells us what’s on the breakfast and lunch menus for San Angelo ISD.

For breakfast we are having Mini Pancakes, Fruit of the Day, Juice, and Milk.

For lunch we are having Spaghetti with Spaghetti Sauce or Pepperoni Pizza or Cheese Pizza, Tuscan Vegetables, Super Hero Salad, Spicy Italian Dressing, Baby Carrots, Fruit of the Day, and Milk.

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