Bus Stop Forecast and Breakfast and Lunch Menus for San Angelo ISD


Temperatures to start our day will be cooler, with temperatures in the mid 30s at drop off. For this afternoon, temperatures will be warmer than yesterday with temperatures in the mid 60s with a chance of rain throughout the day.

Alexa Pasillas, a fifth grade student at Lamar Elementary tells us what is on the breakfast and lunch menus for San Angelo ISD.

For breakfast we are having Strawberry Yogurt Chex, Fruit of the Day, Juice, and Milk.

For lunch we are having Fish Sticks or Cheeseburger, Sandwich Salad, Smiley Face Potatoes, Jalapeno Pinto Beans, Fruit of the Day, and Milk.

We also want to remind you that San Angelo ISD will be closed Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 21st.

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